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1. Why are people afraid of weight loss surgery?

Because of lack of awareness. Proper awareness regarding morbid obesity and related diseases can make more & more people better convinced that weight loss surgery is the only option when other efforts fail to reduce weight. Weight loss surgery not only reduces weight but also helps to cure/control other diseases associated with obesity.

4. What are the side effects of the surgery?
After the surgery, patient has to take precaution regarding vitamin, calcium and protein intake. Patient has to take vitamin and calcium tablets life long. BUT it is always better to take medicines for vitamin and calcium rather than taking medicines for Diabetes, hypertension, joint pain, irregular menses, and breathlessness.
5. What care is to be taken by patient after the surgery?

It is essential to take plenty of water, Supplementation of iron; vitamin and calcium. Patient should take protein in diet, regular walking, and avoidance of high calories Food. 

6. What are the beneficial effects on the diseases?

Cure rate for diabetes-II is 90%, sleep apnea is 80%, and Dyslipidemia is 75-80%. Marked improvement in high blood pressure, asthma, joint pain, fatty liver, heart burn, edema leg, menses irregularities, infertility and the psychology of the patient.

Moulana Hospital Commenced its services in 1990 with its sights at setting up a Super Specialty Referral Hospital, Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and Medical Care Facilities. Since then, we have grown manifold and gained confidence of the people far and wide, especially the needy in the Malabar Region.

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“I am reverting a gift you have given me.....a new life....a new look.....A HEALTHY ME. Thank you doctor. Thanks a lot...deep from my heart. This is a GIFT you have given me and the whole world.”
Mr. Anu John - Nagarcovil
I was convinced that I would die of being overweight and the diseases associated with it. Then one lucky day, I met my friends brother who got the weight losing operation in Moulana Hoapital, Perianthalmanna and I was really impressed seeing the results of this operation. I had always been against artificially sculpturing your body to look better, but when I read more about morbid obesity on net, I realized that weight losing operation is not cosmetic, but a life saving. I faced no problem after my operation and am extremely happy that I got this operation done..
Mr. Jose Binu - Cochin


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