Diabetes Cure - Surgical control of diabetes

It is an astonishing fact that the number of Diabetic patients are increasing day by day. Asians,especially Indians have high incidence of Diabetes due to genetic reasons. Life style changes and food habits contribute to this increase. Diabetes being a medical disease, it was traditionally treated by diet and exercise with mild oral medicines. When this progressed, more drugs were added to control blood sugars; when this went on increasing, insulin injections were added.

Diabetes affects all organs in the body like eye, brain, heart, kidney, limbs vessels. Chronic renal problems and increased myocardial infarctions are associated with Diabetes. These contribute to early death.

Diabetes is the cause of cardiac problems and kidney failure in many patients; it is a killer disease with epidemic proportions, in Asia, especially in India. The disease keeps on progressing in most people with on-going complications on many organs in the body. It is associated with high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, obesity and polycystic ovary disease causing the Metabolic Syndrome.

HbA1C is the test which gives accurate value of Diabetic control over past few months. HbA1C more than six is not ideal. Only 33% of people who are taking regular medication including insulin get good control of DM. High sugar levels in the rest 67% means increased risk for complication of DM. Studies have shown that bringing down the HbA1C even by one unit reduce death rate by 21%, eye and kidney disease 37% and heart attack 14% . So it is very important to keep blood sugar levels to normalcy.

Metabolic surgery can completely control diabetes, arrest the metabolic syndrome of body organ deterioration, thus avoiding future diabetic complications. High blood pressure and high cholesterol /triglycerides are also completely controlled or greatly improved and body loses excess weight which is good for overall longevity with good health.